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The New Jubilee Party is committed to uniting every Kenyan under a shared vision of peace, progress and prosperity. We welcome the active participation of all Kenyans regardless of tribe or age to join us as we transform this country and dignify our people.
Tusonge Mbele Pamoja.

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10 Years of Transformation

When Jubilee administration took over Kenya’s leadership in 2013, President Uhuru Kenyatta promised to roll-out programmes that would dignify and empower the lives of Kenyans. True to his word, Kenya has recorded unprecedented transformation under the Jubilee regime. In fact, the Jubilee administration has outperformed all previous governments, with impeccable and unmatched development track record over the last decade.
At the heart of Jubilee’s stellar performance record is mega infrastructural projects that dot the country, exemplary COVID-19 management and the overarching Big Four agenda, among other programmes. 
It is also under the Jubilee administration that devolution took effect and turned out to be a game-changer, taking development to every corner of Kenya. 

Promises Made, Promises Kept.

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Notice of Change of Officials and Head Office of Jubilee Party

Jubilee Party Makes Comeback Attracting over 5300 Aspirants

Jubilee is the party to watch attracting more than 5,300 aspirants who applied for tickets for governor, senator, MP and MCA before the application deadline.

“Nínyote wíra ní múrúte ní Jubilee gúkú matúrainí. Thitima nínginyu gúkú gícagi. Níkío ndírakenerera gúkorwo Jubilee.
Jubilee Delivers Testimonials
“Nashukuru rais Uhuru Kenyatta kwa kuamrisha KMC ilipe wafugaji katika siku tatu baada ya kuuza mifugo yetu,"
Jubilee Delivers Testimonials
"Nitatumia title deed yangu kupata loan ambayo itanisaidia kujenga nyumba na ya ziada ntatumia kuanzisha biashara ya kuuza viatu.”
Jubilee Delivers Testimonials
“ I can now operate under a permanent, clean and secure shed unlike before where we used to operate outside under the sun and unhygienic spaces.
Jubilee Delivers Testimonials