Jubilee Party


Message from The Party Leader

When we formed the Jubilee Party, we embarked on a journey of transforming Kenya into a just, modern and prosperous nation in which every Kenya has an equal chance to be their best. Today, when we look back, we are confident to report to Kenyans that we have delivered what we promised, and much more. We have built more kilometres of tarmac roads, more hospitals, more airports, more railway lines and rehabilitated the old ones, than any other government since independence.

In addition, we have modernized commuter rail, introduced BRT buses, built more urban housing, introduced a new national curriculum, taken electricity everywhere, laid the foundation for Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and eliminated cartels strangling the profitability of various cash crops in the agricultural sector. More importantly, we were partners in a push to reform our political and governance system with a view to bringing fairness in representation and sharing of national resources. We also sought to strengthen devolution by taking more money to the counties.

We are the party that, together with others, sought to reform the law to ensure corruption cases can be concluded within two years. We are the party, again together with like-minded partners, that pushed for the establishment of a Judiciary Ombudsman in order to introduce checks and balances within the Judiciary, a branch of government that is checked by nobody, neither Parliament nor the Executive, yet it is clearly managed by fallible human beings like the rest of the government arms.

We are the party that sought to cure the perennial challenge of inclusivity in our political and governance system and to address the issue of our national ethos that is linked to challenges ranging from pervasive corruption, terrorism, shoddy construction work by some local contractors and to the burning of schools.


To transform Kenya into a just, modern and prosperous nation; a country united in pursuit of happiness and in which every citizen has an equal and fair chance to be their best.


To provide a platform for involving Kenyans in the transformation of their country, and to inspire, equip, facilitate and harness the synergies of Kenyans towards transforming their own lives. To create a fundamental shift in the management of public affairs for the good of all Kenyans and a just society for humanity.